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Five HR Issues That Could Be 2012 Game-Changers for Your Company

Posted by Robert Meyers on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 22:03 PM



Human resources isn’t what it used to be. Tasks such as payroll, benefits, recruiting and COBRA administration continue, but in addition, HR professionals have a host of new HR issues demanding their expertise. Below is a list of a few potential game-changers for 2012.

  1. Employee engagement: The great recession has created the need for great employee patience. Many have gone years without raises, while paying more for their benefits. Now that the outlook is improving, employees expect their employers to pony up some raises. Employers will need to proactively communicate to manage expectations, while getting creative with employee engagement strategies. Figure this out now … before you lose top talent. 
  2. Use of social media and texting at work: Social media and texting can be good and bad for business. Proactive companies specify how and when these tools are to be used, and monitor them judiciously. In addition to the efficiency ramifications, the corporate image effects can be paramount. Employees should have clear guidelines about who should post to social media sites and what kind of content is permissible.   Don’t fall prey to the runaway image syndrome. 
  3. Recruiting in the digital age: The recruiting game has changed. These days, applicants know everything about your company from online sources, and you may know just as much about them. Leverage your website and corporate social media sites to paint the intended picture, using videos, success stories, and blog articles so potential applicants gain an authentic understanding of your corporate culture. To attract the best people, the HR team must be marketing-savvy. 
  4. Cyber liability: Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, with many employees and contractors travelling and working from home offices. This means your corporate data is in more places, and more accessible to thieves. Make sure you have airtight policies and procedures in place. One breach has the potential to wipe-out an entire year of company profit! 
  5. Doing more with less: This isn’t a new idea, but it will be essential for HR harmony in 2012. As you can see, HR professionals have a growing TO DO list of many issues that weren’t on the radar 10 years ago. Carefully delineate what should be managed in house and what can be outsourced. By outsourcing tasks that are highly methodical and systematic, you can free the HR team to focus on issues that impact corporate talent, brand and profitability.

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