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How COBRA Works If the Beneficiary Is Incapacitated

COBRA and Medicare - What are the Rules?

New Case Underscores Importance of Proper COBRA Notice

How to Choose a COBRA Administrator: The Top 10 Requirements

Five Years Later, COBRA Continuation Stands Strong

Managing COBRA Administration in the Fourth Quarter

COBRA Administration During Leaves of Absence: How to Navigate the Maze

Association Health Plan: COBRA Implications of the Final Rule

Corporate Downsizing COBRA Mistakes

COBRA Administration Can-Dos: Five Options for Plan Sponsors

COBRA Pop Quiz: Can Your Team Answer These 4 Questions Correctly?

The COBRA Implications of AHP Expansion

Introducing Our Eligibility and Enrollment Platform

Can You Deny COBRA for Sexual Misconduct?

Five things to know about COBRA and the Opioid Epidemic

Mergers, Acquisitions and COBRA: The Apex of Complexity

What Should Your SPD and SBC Say About COBRA?

Four COBRA Compliance Curveballs

Marriage, Divorce and COBRA Implications

Offering COBRA Benefits to Retirees - Small Policy Differences Can Lead to Extremely Different Outcomes

Leonardo da Vinci’s Thoughts on COBRA Administration

How COBRA Communication May Be Impacted by ACA Changes

COBRA: One of Health Care’s Comfortable Commodities

COBRA Administration: Different Flavors for Different Employers

COBRA CONUNDRUMS: Recent Case Reveals the High Cost of COBRA Non-Compliance

Health Reform: Has the Death Spiral Come to Life?

COBRA Administration for FSA Carryovers – Answers at Last!

Affordable Care Act Reporting Deadline Extended!

HSA Eligibility and the Marketplace – Yet another Reason why COBRA may be the Better Choice

Health Reform Update: Is the Affordable Care Act a Sinking Ship?

COBRA Cheat Sheet: IRS ACA Reporting Rules

COBRA CONUNDRUMS – Do COBRA Obligations Exist Even if Coverage Does Not End?

ACA Alert: It’s Time to Catch Up on Reporting Requirements

Telemedicine and COBRA Administration

COBRA Election Notices May Need to be Updated Again

How to Coordinate COBRA with ACA Eligibility

Back to Basics – COBRA Independent Election Rules

SBCs 101: Final Regulations for Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)

Pondering COBRA Outsourcing? Three Factors to Consider:

Loss of Coverage before Divorce … What Difference Does it Make?

Wellness Plan Compliance Might Just Make You Sick

How to Prepare for an IRS COBRA Audit

An April Fools’ Recordkeeping Reminder from The IRS that is No Joke

Friendly Reminder: Review (or Create) Your COBRA Leave of Absence Policy

ACA Update: The Monumental Implications of King v. Burwell

IRS Grants Small Employers ACA Transition Relief

Health Insurance Fraud or Forgetfulness? How Divorce Impacts COBRA Administration

Mergers, Acquisitions and COBRA: The Apex of Complexity

ACA 2015: The Year of the Tax

Ready for PPACA compliance 2.0? What you need to know about the coming labor audits

Allowing Part-Time Employees to Make Health FSA Contributions May Trigger ACA Penalties

Is your holiday party on your risk management to-do list?

Voluntary benefits: A hot and growing commodity in the talent wars

ACA open enrollment, Act II

Feds axe MVPs in last minute ACA compliance twist

Mind-Blowing Stats and Trends on U.S. Health Care

ACA Update from ProBenefits, Inc.

Employers: The Individual Mandate Impacts You Too!

Affordable Care Act update: Is it time to trade in your Cadillac?

Employers: Have you cleared these 3 ACA compliance hurdles?

COBRA CONUNDRUMS – The End of Preexisting Conditions

Substandard Health Insurance Hits Workplaces, Thanks to Bad Calculator

Affordable Care Act Update: Will the mandate be delayed before 1/1/15?

The Latest on HSAs and COBRA Administration

Annual Enrollment Communication Strategy: Make it Personal

COBRA Administration Best Practices: How to Avoid the COBRA Collection Blues

Coordinating COBRA and PPACA – Communication is Key

Are you ready for the ACA’s 2015 reporting requirements?

GAO releases report on ACA broker fee proposals

Affordable Care Act Changes: 41 and Counting

What Happens When Your Employee’s Dependent Turns 26?

Recent IRS guidance on ACA a game changer for many employers

COBRA and Marketplace Payment Collection – Timing is Everything!

HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage: Obsolete form, but crucial data

ACA Update: Are State Marketplaces Throwing in the Towel?

HHS and DOL Announce Special Marketplace Enrollment for COBRA Participants

How to Coordinate COBRA with PPACA as Open Enrollment Ends

How Does IRS Same-Sex Guidance Impact COBRA Administration?

Should Subsidies Apply to Marketplace Plans Only?

Avoid Shared Responsibility Payments with Three Safe Harbors

Marketplace Open Enrollment Ends - What About COBRA Folks?

COBRA CONUNDRUMS - Are 29’ers Eligible for COBRA?

12 Employee Appreciation Ideas for This Friday and Beyond

COBRA CONUNDRUMS – How Do New FSA Rules Apply in COBRA Scenarios?

Affordable Care Act Update

Finally … Long Awaited Employer Mandate Guidance

Romancing Health Reform – What’s Love Got to Do with It?

The Biggest ACA News of 2014: What Hasn’t Happened


Is the HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage Now Obsolete?

Gross Misconduct – How Gross Does It Have to Be?

COBRA CONUNDRUMS – Does COBRA Apply to Voluntary Benefits?

Was Your Employee NAUGHTY At The Holiday Party?

SHOP Plan Update – Yes, They Are Available and COBRA Qualifying

November Recap: A Flurry of Activity and New ACA Developments


Small business update: Five things to know about SHOP exchanges

Three Bloodcurdling COBRA Administration Horror Stories

How Do Exchanges Impact COBRA Benefits?

Myth vs. Fact: Business Owners Will Be Fined If They Don’t Notify Their Employees About the New Health Insurance Marketplace

PPACA exchanges could be best option for some part-time and COBRA-eligible workers

COBRA Administration Conundrums: Certificates of Creditable Coverage

PPACA Update: Feds clarify income tracking for insurance tax credits


Ready, set . . . breathe: Capitalizing on PPACA’s delayed mandate

Health Care Reform Update

COBRA Administration Conundrums: Carrier Overpayments

PPACA Update: Are new wellness incentives and penalties a win-win?

PPACA Update: DOL Temporary Guidance for Employer Notifications

COBRA Administration Conundrums: Divorce + COBRA = Trouble?

IRS Announces 2014 Amounts for HSAs, HDHPs, and Out-Of-Pocket Limits

PPACA Update: Complying With Modified HIPAA Regulations

PPACA Update: New Out-of-Pocket Limits Present Administrative Challenge

Four COBRA Administration Payment Collection Best Practices

PPACA Update: Employers Getting Tough On Wellness In 2014

PPACA Update: Interest in Health Exchange Highest Among Five Key Consumer Types

COBRA Guidelines: Working With Employees When a Company Files Bankruptcy

PPACA Update: PCIP Suspends Enrollment

New Survey Reveals Employers Underestimate True Cost of Health Reform Compliance

COBRA Solutions: Coordinating COBRA Disability Extension Benefits

Will the PPACA “Stick” Be Effective? A Closer Look At The Individual Health Insurance Mandate

HHS Fills in the “Essential Health Benefits” Piece of the PPACA Puzzle

Five COBRA Administration Gifts To Give Your Business in 2013

HR Issues: Guidance on The Additional .9% Medicare Tax

Who Cares if I Give a COBRA Notice for My Dental Plan?

HR Issues: 17 States On Track To Set Up State Exchanges

Can a Good Census Help Control Health Care Premiums?

Are You Making This COBRA Software Mistake During Open Enrollment?

HR Issues: How to Electrify Benefits Communication

New Public Entity Game Plan: Unbundle HR Administration Contracts and Save!

2013 Outlook: What to Expect from Healthcare Costs and COBRA Administration

Employers: What Will Non-Compliance With PPACA Cost You?

Do PPACA MLR Rebates Apply to COBRA Participants?

What does the PPACA verdict mean for insurers and employers?

COBRA Solutions: Supreme Court says PPACA is constitutional. Now what?

COBRA Info: Employee Benefit Brokers and Employers Prepare for the Healthcare Reform Decision

The Tale of Three COBRA Notices and One Domestic Partnership

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance Exchanges

Mini COBRA Requirements Create Major Headache

HR Issues: DOL Week in Review – New SBC Template, FAQs, Calculator

Don’t make THIS COBRA administration mistake during open enrollment!

Healthcare Reform: Three COBRA Administration Myths

COBRA Compliance: Which plans qualify for COBRA?

Employers: Prepare Now for New IRS COBRA Guidelines

HR Issues: Does Anyone Else Have Instant Message Issues at Work?

COBRA Compliance: What To Do When A Business Closes its Doors

HRA vs. HSA – COBRA Administration Considerations

HR Issues: Do YOU Make 30% LESS Than You Should?

HR Issues: Is A Social Media Policy Really Necessary?

Five HR Issues That Could Be 2012 Game-Changers for Your Company

COBRA Compliance: Three 2011 Lessons to Keep You Out of Trouble in 2012

Mini COBRA: State COBRA Compliance


COBRA Administration Outsourcing: Achieve Return on COBRA Investment

COBRA Qualifying Events and COBRA Notices for Love Gone Wrong


Does Your COBRA Software Manage COBRA Premium Collection?

COBRA Solutions: Coordinating Social Security Disability and COBRA

COBRA Guidelines: What to do about the W-2

COBRA Solutions - Avoid This $24,000 COBRA Mistake!

COBRA Guidelines and COBRA Notifications – 101

January Benefits Check-Up: Is Your COBRA Software Missing In Action?

COBRA Administration and the Holidays Have More in Common Than You Think!

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